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Advanced Science


The Cortexes are in charge of the Ikthians’ most vital operations. If you can find Cortex Breachscale lab in the Diluvian Depths and take him out, it will disrupt the Ikthians’ operations in Ellevar.


1. Download information from the Biology Data Center in the Diluvian Depths

2. Download information from the Eldan Tech Data Center in the Diluvian Depths

3. Download information from the Ikthian Tech Data Center in the Diluvian Depths

4. Find the Ikthian Cortex’s Lab in the Diluvian Depths

5. Defeat Cortex Breachscale in the Diluvian Depths


Report to Agent Cognosa via your Datachron


  • 842XP
  • 376 The Ellevar Sanction Reputation Points

Quick Facts

Faction: Dominion

Level: 13

Required Level: 10


Zone: Ellevar

Category: Zone – Ellevar

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