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A Captain’s Parley (Exile)


You’ve earned enough trust to accompany Tovak to his meeting with his boss in Deadstar Valley. This meeting might just help explain why the Deadstar, Grimvoid, and Redmoon Marauders aren’t at each others throats and instead seem to be working together. They must be planning something.


1. Head to the meeting location Tovak marked in Deadstar Valley

2. Use the holoprojector at the meeting location in Deadstar Valley

3. Meet with Mordechai Redmoon and Tovak in Deadstar Valley


Speak with Deadeye Brightland


  • 75000XP
  • 75 Halon Ring Reputation Points

Quick Facts

Faction: Exile

Level: 50

Required Level: 50


Zone: The Borellian Cluster

Category: Zone – Halon Ring 1 – Borellian Cluster

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