SWAT: Seeing Deadstars


Use the new flashbang grenade prototypes on Deadstar Marauders in Tremor Ridge


Mission complete. FCON Command has approved the new flashbang grenades for production. Good work, Soldier.

Unlock Text

Weapons Division has developed a new flashbang grenade prototype. Test it on Deadstar Marauders in Tremor Ridge.

Quick Facts

Faction: Dominion

Zone: Algoroc

Path: Soldier

Episode: Defending Algoroc


  1. X: 3402 Y: -4396 Z: -1034
  2. X: 3367 Y: -4417 Z: -1030
  3. X: 3261 Y: -4335 Z: -1014
  4. X: 3112 Y: -4326 Z: -1028

One thought on “SWAT: Seeing Deadstars

  1. Ibn Fahdlan

    I can’t seem to complete this quest. I can’t seem to use the grenades. The game keeps telling me I cannot do that yet when i try to use them.

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