SURVEILLANCE: A Tube with a View


Place a surveillance station overlooking the Exiles in Cankertube Swamp


With the surveillance station in place, we can monitor Exile activity in and out of Cankertube Swamp with impunity.

Unlock Text

The Exiles have an outpost in Cankertube Swamp near our people. Use the unusually high cankertube clusters to find a good location to place a surveillance station above them.

Quick Facts

Faction: Exile, Dominion

Zone: Northern Grimvault

Path: Explorer

Episode: Exploring Isigrol



One thought on “SURVEILLANCE: A Tube with a View

  1. Willow Thistlepaw

    I also found you can climb (while hoverboard mounted) up the south side up the weird bumpy strain scaly rockface and get up that way also.

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