CARTOGRAPHY: The Lightspire


Locate a suitable position to deploy a beacon near the Lightspire


The beacon’s scans indicate that the Lightspire is composed of solid exanite! This may be the greatest discovery the $?f/Dominion/Exiles/[THIS IS A BUG. PLEASE REPORT.]; has made since finding Nexus!

Unlock Text

The $?f/Royal Collegium/XAS/[THIS IS A BUG. PLEASE REPORT.]; wants to collect more data on the Lightspire, the Eldan structure at the center of Grimvault. Find a suitable location then place a beacon to collect scan data.

Quick Facts

Faction: Exile

Zone: Southern Grimvault

Path: Explorer

Episode: Exploring Southern Grimvault

One thought on “CARTOGRAPHY: The Lightspire

  1. d3orn

    easy, go out of the building and follow the wall on the left side, jump on top of the building and you are almost there, no nasty jumping in the perfect moment

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