CARTOGRAPHY: Cutting Through the Fog


Place a landing beacon on one of the slopes above Zin’s Landing


On a platform on the top of the cliff above Zin’s Landing.

_poi_CARTOGRAPHY_Cutting_Through_the_Fog_image_WildStar64_2014_05_13_13_56_55_863.jpg Mission location.
_poi_CARTOGRAPHY_Cutting_Through_the_Fog_image_WildStar64_2014_05_13_13_57_00_377.jpg World map location.
_poi_CARTOGRAPHY_Cutting_Through_the_Fog_image_WildStar64_2014_05_13_13_55_45_846.jpg A path uphill leading to the mission point.


With the new landing beacon operational, the number of flight accidents and near-misses has decreased.

Unlock Text

A landing beacon must be set on the slopes above Zin’s Landing so Dominion pilots can take off and land safely in the fog.

Quick Facts

Faction: Exile, Dominion

Zone: Levian Bay

Path: Explorer

Episode: Explore Levian Bay


Levian Bay