CARTOGRAPHY: Artillery Support


Scout behind Exile positions for a location to deploy an artillery team


Northwest of the Grayshore point, on a small hill.

_poi_CARTOGRAPHY_Artillery_Support_image_WildStar64_2014_05_13_16_12_12_683.jpg Mission location.
_poi_CARTOGRAPHY_Artillery_Support_image_WildStar64_2014_05_13_16_12_24_934.jpg Mission location on the world map.
_poi_CARTOGRAPHY_Artillery_Support_image_WildStar64_2014_05_13_16_12_27_069.jpg Jump on the edge of the small hill from this position.


The cannon you placed is decimating Exile forces. Well done!

Unlock Text

We have an opportunity to break the Exiles’ advance by setting up an artillery piece behind enemy lines. Find a good location for us!

Quick Facts

Faction: Exile, Dominion

Zone: Levian Bay

Path: Explorer

Episode: Explore Levian Bay


Levian Bay