ASSASSINATION: Face the Swordmaidens


Eliminate Torine Swordmaiden camp guards


You defeated the Torine sisters? What a victory!

Unlock Text

The swordmaidens are the mightiest and most aggressive warriors of the Torine. They only respect violence, so the safest way to deal with them is to attack first. There should be one stationed in each camp throughout Wilderrun. Time to pick a fight!

Quick Facts

Faction: Exile

Zone: Wilderrun

Path: Soldier

Episode: Wilderrun Soldier Mission


  1. X: 1938 Y: -2632 Z: -817
  2. X: 1825 Y: -2419 Z: -779
  3. X: 2249 Y: -2885 Z: -744
  4. X: 1678 Y: -2937 Z: -813