ARCHAEOLOGY: The Fall of the Osun


Scan the Osun ruins to learn about their ancient civilization


The Osun civilization fell from power over a thousand years ago. We have a lot to learn from their history.

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The Osun once controlled all of Wilderrun, and it was here that the Eldan started to destroy their once-great civilization. Isolated pockets of civilization are all that remain now. Scan the ruins to see what you can learn.

Quick Facts

Faction: Exile

Zone: Wilderrun

Path: Scientist

Episode: Wilderrun Scientist Missions


  1. X: 1991 Y: -2327 Z: -778
  2. X: 1291 Y: -2790 Z: -787
  3. X: 2222 Y: -3157 Z: -731
  4. X: 2786 Y: -2843 Z: -768