ANALYSIS: Safecracking


Scan Protostar Secure-A-Locks


Protostar will be happy to have those supplies back. Check in with them at the Hellrose Bowl to see what they need them for.

Unlock Text

Protostar has lost the decryption codes to some of their supply safes. Use your scanbot to see if you can open them.

Quick Facts

Faction: Exile

Zone: Malgrave

Path: Scientist

Episode: Malgrave Scientist Mission


  1. X: 1496 Y: 3153 Z: -942
  2. X: 2529 Y: 3156 Z: -824
  3. X: 1269 Y: 3149 Z: -971
  4. X: 2129 Y: 3139 Z: -763