ANALYSIS: Ikthian Data Terminals


Hack into the Ikthian Central Data Hub from Silverscale Station


You’ve recovered valuable information connecting the Ikthian’s involvement with the Focus of Water to Whitevale’s cryogenic state.

Unlock Text

The Ikthian’s Central data hub might have information on Whitevale’s past, perhaps even information on how it became frozen. Hack into their terminals to find out.

Quick Facts

Faction: Dominion

Zone: Whitevale

Path: Scientist

Episode: The Science of Whitevale


  1. X: 3947 Y: 858 Z: -934
  2. X: 3944 Y: 1180 Z: -906
  3. X: 3807 Y: 1319 Z: -930
  4. X: 4203 Y: 1114 Z: -883