ANALYSIS: Cartel Terminals


Use your scanbot to hack Darkspur Cartel terminals


You’ve uncovered valuable data about the Cartel’s chain of command. The judges will find this useful. Well done, Scientist.

Unlock Text

Judges need our help collecting data on the Darkspur Cartel, so use your scanbot to hack Cartel terminals.

Quick Facts

Faction: Dominion

Zone: Algoroc

Path: Scientist

Episode: Researching Algoroc


  1. X: 3985 Y: -3713 Z: -1055
  2. X: 3950 Y: -3658 Z: -1090
  3. X: 3893 Y: -3707 Z: -1090
  4. X: 4119 Y: -3571 Z: -1077