WildStar Patch Notes August 7th, 2014

Latest Wildstar patch on August 7th, 2014 brings many fixes to quests, classes and raids. Patch notes are included below:


  • Corrected a cause of a rare server crash.
  • Fixed a bug which occasionally caused characters to appear devoid of equipment on the character select screen.



  • Fixed a case where an “Unknown Failure” message would display when updating.


  • Fixed a bug that could cause a guild to become leaderless.


  • Using dash will now update Players position more accurately.


  • “Epochos” and “Adventus” Prototype schematics can no longer be overcharged when Players are first learning them. Failure is no longer an option.
  • All dungeon bosses are feeling generous, and will now guarantee a rare AMP drop.

Item Specials

  • The starter quests for powerful imbuement items are now repeatable, allowing Players to acquire them more than once!



  • Gamma Rays
    • Reduced Target Count to 2, down from 3.
    • Increased base damage to 14.43 damage per level, up from 14.19 and 33.13% Assault Power, up from 32.62%.
    • Reduced the Tier 4 bonus to 0.45 seconds, down from 0.5.
    • Removed the cooldown from the Tier 8 bonus.


  • Charged Shot
    • Closed an exploit.


  • Healing Aura
    • The following spells now properly trigger Healing Aura: Runic Healing, Runes of Protection, Healing Torrent, Voidspring


  • Menacing Strike
    • Bonus threat increased to 150%, up from 130%.
  • Jolt
    • Bonus threat increased to 150%, up from 130%.
  • Polarity Field
    • Bonus threat increased to 150%, up from 130%.
  • Atomic Spear
    • Bonus threat increased to 200%, up from 175%.
  • Grapple
    • Fixed an issue with the impact FX which should resolve a temporary loss in framerate when it was used.


  • There is now a delay when logging out while a Rated PvP match invite is pending.
  • A warning message will now be displayed on the accept/decline queue dialog that warns of penalties for declining Rated matches.


  • PvP gear will now roll random Rune colors.
  • Gadgets
    • Gadgets can now roll Runes.
    • The Gadget rewards from the “Welcome Gifts” quests in Northern Wastes will now roll exactly 2 Runes. If Players have already completed this quest and received a 1 Rune Gadget, they can buy a replacement Gadget from Tordin Vex in Illium or Merchant Mountebank in Thayd. Players will only be able to see these items if they have already completed the quest but have the old Gadget reward and they will only be able to purchase one replacement.
    • Reinforce
      • Adjusted the PvP Defense Rating increase from this gadget to 880, down from 5500. This change is to bring it in line with other PvP stat adjustments in Drop 2.

Walatiki Temple

  • The Moodie gates in Walatiki Temple will now be closed for enemy faction players. Friendly players will still see these doors open when the match begins, and will be able to exit appropriately.

Daggerstone Pass

  • Using the Warrior skill ‘Bum Rush’ while holding the bomb will now force Players to drop it.
  • Fixed a bug that caused bombs to have a chance at exploding as soon as they were placed at a fusion core.
  • Teammates of the bomb carrier will now see the bomb timer, as well.
  • All activation’s will register appropriately on Uplinks.
  • No more rewards for “My Home Realm” Practice Grounds.
  • Placed a safeguard to stop players from entering an enemy’s spawn point.
  • Placed a safeguard to stop players from sneaking out of the starting gates early.


Drusera Instances

  • Quests will now be correctly pushed if the player is at the same level or above as the next quest in the sequence, when turning in the previous quest.
  • The Golden Fields
    • There is now a portal near the entrance to the instance allowing Players to easily leave the area.
    • Fixed issue where the event would freeze during the “witness powers” objective.


  • Players should now be able to maintain contribution during the Guardians of the Grove event as long as they are active participants. Being an active participant will now complete the associated daily quest, as intended.


  • The Poisoned Spirit-Walker on ‘Treacherous Territory’ will no longer be set to busy leading up to the holdout. This should prevent the case where this creature becomes locked from further interaction after the holdout ends.
  • During the “Healing Hands”, Injured Radiant Guards no longer wish to be martyrs by refusing medical attention and can now be healed to advance the quest.


  • Exile Defenders in Kriton’s Command Post will no longer instantly respawn and will not reward XP or loot.
  • Target Dummy for “Target This” quest no longer floats underneath its platform.


  • Sera Melfield is now once again present if the player logs off after accepting the quest “The Focus of Air”.


  • A few groups of Malfunctioning X426 Probes have been added to the area for “Original Modification”.


Stormtalon’s Lair

  • The Kill Pell challenge now requires 29 kills but starts after the cinematic triggers and counts the attacking Acolytes towards the challenge. The Thundercall Channelers no longer count for the objective due to this change.
  • Bladewind the Invoker
    • ​Can no longer be interrupted when casting Sonic Barrier.

The Ruins of Kel Voreth

  • Slavemaster Drokk
    • Pushing Drokk into the next phase before killing all tethers no longer causes a reset.


  • Players can no longer avoid the terraformer beam.


Genetic Archives

  • Phageborn Convergence
    • Noxmind’s Equalize now occurs on a cooldown instead of HP thresholds.
    • Reduced the cast time for Equalize.
    • Terax’s Strain Infection can now be dispelled properly
  • Kuralak the Defiler
    • Breaking line of sight no longer prevents Cultivate Corruption.


  • Limbo Infomatrix
    • Gastric Juices no longer have a damage variance.
  • System Daemons
    • ​Encounter challenge will now fail correctly.
    • Purge telegraph and vFX now persist after going through a teleporter.



  • Capital City Portal scientist spells now have a 2 minute duration for Tier 2 and Tier 3 versions of the spell.
  • Vitalium Crystals in Northern Wilds are now rescannable when on quest “ANALYSIS: Crystal Healing”.

User Interface

  • Made sure we send deflect combat log messages to target when neither caster nor target are in a group.
  • Added additional localization’s for FR and DE language packs.
  • Effect Suppression in the video options will now work correctly.
  • Fixed odd behavior with the chat reply keybind function.
  • Trial Accounts can no longer interact with the C.R.E.D.D. Exchange.
  • Fixed an issue in which the UI would show percentage bonuses to PvP Defense as a negative instead of a positive value.
  • Fixed a bug which could cause the friends and ignore systems to cease to work for some characters until gracefully logging out.
  • Fixed formatting issue with the group finder prompt when queuing multiple times.
  • The crafting UI no longer has a chance to error out and display negative numbers for the charge mid-way through the crafting process.

As an advisory, we’d like you to know that we are aware of a current text bug introduced in Drop 2. When queuing for veteran Dungeons, the associated pop-up window warns that declining a rated match will result in rating loss. This is an inappropriate message, and is error in text only — you will not suffer PvP rating loss from Veteran Dungeon encounters. We will be removing this dialog message in a coming patch.