Who or What Is Globellum?

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On a wooden box, inside Exile camp Uncanny Advance, among group of XAS Scientists.




Who or What Is Globellum?


[Professor Morrison’s analysis details most of what the XAS has been able to learn about Globellum so far. Unfortunately, it’s not much.]

This world always has another surprise around the corner, and then those surprises have their own surprises. Nothing’s easy about settling Nexus, that’s for sure. Least of all understanding it.

This psionically powerful entity called the Globellum is maybe the biggest surprise since the Strain showed up.
It’s a massive, colonial organism with a hive mind that only gets smarter the bigger the entire creature gets. Smarter, and more powerful. And it’s starting to take our people. Enslaving them with its mind, trapping them in force bubbles we can’t begin to crack – at least not with any kind of hope of surviving the effort. We’re scientists, not soldiers or heroes.

So where did this Globellum come from? Despite appearances, it has no connection to the Strain plaguing this landscape.
No genetic connection to any known creature at all, in fact. It’s completely new to the XAS, comprised of materials we’ve never seen, and has a unique primal pattern that seems to indicate it will absorb and transform any living thing it consumes. What few samples we’ve been able to analyze are baffling. Each cell is capable of breaking off, surviving, and splitting to create clones of itself.

None of which is going to help our people.
They never signed up to be mind-slaves to a monstrous brain-blob.

If help doesn’t arrive soon, I won’t have a choice. I’m going to lead a team out there and try to save as many people as I can. I don’t have much hope of succeeding, but it’s better than staying here and doing nothing.

With luck, it won’t quite come to that.

Quick Facts

Faction: Exile

Type: Journal