When I Walk Beyond the Weave

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Grant me the peace of the forest,
Guardians of old
Hold me aloft in your branches,
Wise Ones of home

Grant me the will of the hunter,
Watchers of woods
Wreath me in shadow and night,
Wise Ones of home

Grant me balance in my soul,
Matrias all
Heal my heart with your courage,
Queen of all Aurin

Grant me the will to fight,
Tooth and claw
Let the spirits show the path before me,
When I walk beyond the Weave

Quick Facts

Faction: Exile

Type: Journal

3 thoughts on “When I Walk Beyond the Weave

  1. Flatlined

    Found this one on an island just south of the Datacube Totemic Power that is labeled 21 on the map on this site.
    Didnt take any images but its a small island so should be easy to find.

  2. Erin Rader

    Found at 790.41 -955.94 -2561.92 49.54. it is by the boat that gives the achievement if you ride it.

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