Warbreaker Maintenance Logs


On a small box, inside a Dominion stand with many tanks, surrounded with sandbags, Shattered Sands area.


Southern Grimvault

Southern Grimvault

Warbreaker Maintenance Logs


Maintenance Log #12011029

Fix tanks, Wazzo. Make tougher, Wazzo. No more budget, Wazzo. Bah! Wazzo fed up to HERE with cheap Cassian armor plating! With cheap Cassian weapon cores. With cheap Cassian OFFICIALS who don’t understand warbreaker tanks take maintenance or warbreakers get broken! GYAAARGH!

Deep breath, Wazzo. Cassians have no-bid contracts. Wazzo can respect that. But that not fix Wazzo’s tanks.
Wazzo need good parts. Probably have to get from third party. Again.

Maintenance Log #12011030

Razza frazza with a side of zazza! These parts are even worse! Guaranteed Protostar Multipurpose Parts, eh? More like guaranteed FAILURE parts! Can’t blame clones though. Protostar just trying to make a few primes. No, Wazzo can only blame self for getting suckered.
And blame stupid cheap bureaucrats who make Wazzo go to stupid Protostar in first place!

Maintenance Log #12011031

All right! That’s it! Wazzo is done. Wazzo may not be best mechanic in fleet. But Wazzo has self-respect! Wazzo will NOT certify these warbreaker tanks up to regulations. And if anybody ends up dead because of shoddy armor plating or sputtering force shielding, it not on Wazzo’s head. Nope!
Wazzo washing hands of this lousy detail. Wazzo going into business for himself. Will fix tanks the right way. For money. Yes, Wazzo going rogue! Wazzo will become the Chua to go to for tank repair on –

[The voice-to-text software records a sound of rending metal and several heavy thuds at this point. The next piece of text was recorded several minutes after this event.

Maintenance Log #12011032

Yeah, that gonna leave a mark.
Or seven. Yeah… Wazzo probably needed that torso. Should never have stood next to stupid tanks while recording status report… ow that hurts. Okay. If you hear this… make sure somebody knows. They aren’t safe. Misfire. Shoddy brakes. Weapon locks… faulty. Wazzo… signing… off.

Quick Facts

Faction: Dominion

Type: Journal

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