These Bones

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Find and enter Decrepit Exolab Y-23 by stepping over large green teleportation pad east of Dominion Post – Titian Collective. In southern part of Decrepit Exolab Y-23 is Mondo’s Manufactory where you should drink Untested Concoction. This action takes you to a challenge room where you can read These Bones journal.


Drink Untested Concoction.


These Bones Journal.




These Bones


[A collection of manically horrifying poetry etched gruesomely on a skull. Its origins are as unclear as its existence in this hallucinatory realm.]

Clatter of white, creak of brown
Dead bone and sinew creeping ’round.
Lurkers left, lurkers right
Unwanted guests this gloomy night.

Reaching fingers, gnashing teeth
Unending hunger, they seek relief.
Warm of blood, and vigor restored
Meat on the bone, a smorgasbord.

Angry souls with envy full
Undying beings, they feel the pull.

To end the world, dowse the light
Devour the living, such is their right.

You try to run, or bar the door
Where ever you go there’s always more.
They were your friends, your family dear
Slavering monsters, and worse comes near.

To wish you died, never been born
As gobbets of your flesh are torn.
Life is the fantasy, the world obscures
Make no mistake, these bones are yours.

Quick Facts

Faction: Dominion

Type: Journal