The Way of Harmony

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On a small wooden circular table, close to NPC Harmonibus Elder, at the center of a small camp, The Keeper’s Sanctuary.




The Way of Harmony


[The Keepers of Harmony seem to be a bit more civilized than other Pell tribes. This treatise on their beliefs helps to explain why.]

To be one is to be all. That is the Way of Harmony.

Life is the motivating force, yet without Earth’s nurturing bed and Water’s soothing flow, Life is restless and brazen.

Logic is the bedrock of reason, yet without Fire’s boundless passion and Air’s lifting embrace, Logic is cold and oppressive.

Air is the sparking breath, yet without Logic’s comforting order
and Fire’s warm light, Air is crazed and dark.

Earth is the nurturer, yet without Life’s soft bounty and Water’s flowing sustenance, Earth is barren and desiccated.

Fire banishes the dark, yet without Logic’s protective restraint and Air’s fueling breath, Fire runs amok or dies out.

Water is the cooling sustainer, yet without Life’s purposeful motion and Earth’s channeling support, Water is dead and directionless.

These are not the only connections, for the net of the world is vast.
And just as a net is not made of one strand, neither is the world. A net with weak knots and unbalanced tension falls apart.

To be one is to be all. We follow the Way of Harmony.

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