The Flavorology of Taste, 3rd. Ed.

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On a small circular wooden table, at the center of a cooking area, close to NPC quest giver Comandant Rav, The Keeeper’s Sanctuary area.




The Flavorology of Taste, 3rd. Ed.


[The latest edition of Rav’s relatively famous guide to gastronomy introduces new gastronomically sound dishes cooked with Nexus ingredients.]

“Display to me what you consume, and I shall demonstrate that which you have become.”

If you are reading this volume, you are interested in the finer arts of cooking and gastronomy. You have an adventurous palate, and refined nose, and an appreciation for the unusual and the surprising as well as tradition and classic dishes.
I know this because I am interested in these things, and now I will share but a few of them with you.

Yes, if you are reading this, you are ready to join me on an odyssey of flavor on a collision course with deliciousness with a detour through the finest ingredients Nexus has to offer.




SECTION 1: Meats and Poultry

– Ravenok Ravioli with Mother-of-Mollusc Foam
Why foam? Why not?

-Barbecued Boulderback Backboulders with Smoked Cubig Bacon
Perfect with Squirg Chowder! Don’t eat Squirg Chowder.

SECTION 2: Seafood and Invertebrates

– Squirg Chowder
Never, ever eat this.

– Flash-Fried Fraz Fries
Fresh and flavorful! From space.

-Walatusk Chunks in Splorg Gravy
Perfect with Squirg Chowder! Which you should never eat. Not ever.

SECTION 3: Fruits and Vegetables

Lollilopp Surprise
How many licks does it take? You’ll be too “Lopped Out” to tell.

Whimleaf Salad with Roasted Stemdragon Hearts
Eat the stemdragon before it eats you. Spicy!

Rootbrute Surprise with Squirg Chowder Garnish.
– What’s the surprise? Rootbrutes are hybrid plant-animal organisms – it’s the perfect meat for the vegetarian at your feast! Just don’t feed them the Squirg Chowder. I don’t know why I keep listing it.
Why would anyone eat Squirg Chowder?

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