Tech Seeker Objectives

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On small, grey, rectangle table, next to tiny, reddish crate, close to small tent, in a corner of inside compound, DREDplex: Giant Crusher.




Tech Seeker Objectives


[This documentation details the goals of the Exile Academy of Science’s Tech Seeker division.]

Tech Seekers, you know why we’re here. Some other folk in the XAS may think Eldan Tech is just for studying or for storing data they can work up into a treatise on a dead culture that’s gone from the universe and ain’t coming back. They think we just need to learn what they were all about. But Tech Seekers know what Eldan tech is good for: killin’ Dommies.

So that’s what we want to see. Killer constructs.
Superweapons. Cascade bombs and orbital cannons. Defense systems. Tactical analysis. Anything that will help the fight against them fascist bastards.

One more thing. If you can take it apart and learn how it works, all the better, but don’t dismantle a single piece of tech until you are sure you can put it back together again. Remember, even if we can’t use it against the Dommies direct-like, it can always be sold off to pay for something that can.

All right, Tech Seekers. You ain’t typical scientists, so I don’t expect typical results. Get out there and seek some tech!

-Tech Seeker Supreme

Quick Facts

Faction: Dominion

Type: Journal