Spurned by the Godmaker


I, acolyte of the high priest, write these words.

-Stone-people – Resisted the lightning. Resisted the call of thunder. Did not resist headsman’s axe.
-Humans – Consumed by primal power. No resistance. Cooked to death. Foul stench will never die.
-Gray Ones – Vile substance! Lightning burns away bone and flesh. Death follows.

-Forest-Stalkers – Touched by the power. Senses strong. Mind strong. Bodies not.
-Bird-Men – Too strong. Slaughtered many Thundercall. Destroyed by the high priest.

It is clear. Only Pell can use the Godmaker. The Masters give us the Godmaker to ready for their return. We must show them we are ready. The shell will be chosen. The god placed within. The glory will be all to the Masters.

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Type: Journal