Sharna’s Diary


[This diary details the capture of Sharna, a Draken female who was the sole survivor of an Osun attack on her village. She has been fighting in the Blood Pits so long, she had time to compile this document between matches. Her current fate is not indicated within the text.]

I thought the Osun to be great warriors. Enemies, yes, but enemies to be admired. Fierce and strong.

The Osun are cowards and thieves.

My village was just beginning. A small gift of land from the emperor on this strange Eldan
world. We hunted the prey of this new wilderness eagerly, and thanked the gods of old for this bounty. Then the Osun came. There was no honor in these creatures, no thirst for the hunt. They only sought to conquer and kill with no purpose but blood.

I may be the only survivor. I do not know. All I know is the Osun took me, broken and injured but still defiant, and threw me into this pit. And since then I kill every day to stay alive. Not for prey, as a Draken should, but for the amusement of these
gray giants. They will die swiftly for this.

I marked the days when I first arrived, but for naught. The Osun took sick joy in finding and destroying the marks when they threw me into the pit to fight for them. If I had to guess, I would say years. If I had to trust senses, it may have only been days.

And so I fight. Dumb beasts, other slaves – for that is all I am, I see that now – and I slay them all. The Osun do not allow surrender in the Blood Pits.

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Type: Journal