Selections from the Freebot Code

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On a table, inside a building at Locus Reclamation.




Selections from the Freebot Code


[This document contains many proverbs from the Freebot Code translated into language that organics can understand. A great deal of the Code appears to be concerned with proper lubrication, although this could be the result of inadequate translation software.]

-Line 003: A Freebot always lends a grasping appendage to a friend suffering from a malfunction.

-Line 047: There are no coordinates like the
home coordinates.

-Line 131: Free will is Nexus’s way of correcting a processing error in the universe.

-Line 318: Never reschedule the execution of a task for the next diurnal cycle when it can be accomplished during this one.

-Line 221: Organic beings who dwell in domiciles of crystalline silicates should use caution when employing projectiles.

Quick Facts

Faction: Dominion

Type: Journal