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– The Eldan were studying an extremely virulent biological agent that they had designated “the Strain.”

– According to Drusera, the Strain appeared soon after the creation of the Genesis Prime. The details surrounding its origins are still disturbingly unclear.

– The Eldan were unsuccessful in developing an effective defense against the Strain. Given the horrendous condition of the infected organisms within Exo-Lab X-39, this fact is extremely


The information collected in Exo-Lab X-39 is both enlightening and disturbing. First and foremost, this facility had been tightly secured by the Eldan, who appeared to believe it required the highest level of quarantine from the outside world. It was only with the assistance of Drusera that we were able to bypass the advanced security measures and observe the organisms inside.

Those observations were indeed frightening. According to Drusera, the virulent biological
infection known as the Strain appeared not long after her creation. Datacube recordings reveal that the Eldan were both impressed and concerned with its capability to infect and transform any biological creature that it came in contact with.

Although the evidence is so-far inconclusive, it has been theorized that the Eldan were somehow responsible for engineering the Strain. What is clear is that they were unable to create an effective vaccine against its effects, despite the advanced level of their
technology. Drusera seemed particularly concerned by this fact. It appears that she was hoping to discover information to the contrary.

Could the Strain be what was ultimately responsible for the Eldan’s disappearance? If so, why haven’t we discovered any examples of the infection outside of this exo-lab? At this point, we seem to have more questions than we do answers. We can only hope Drusera contacts us again soon.




– The XAS wishes to reiterate, particularly to the esteemed Dr. Lazarin, that XAS members are NOT authorized to obtain a sample of the Strain for their “own personal studies.”

Quick Facts

Faction: Exile

Type: Journal