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-The Eldan AI construct designated the Caretaker is operational at many locations on Nexus, including Celestion’s Exo-Site N22. This facility appeared dedicated to cloning.

-The Caretaker’s fractured AI systems and deteriorating connections have caused many of his avatars to behave in a dangerously erratic manner.

-Eldan cloning technology has proven even more advanced than expected. The Caretaker’s fractured avatar had planned to use existing Eldan tech to create armies of clones to “take back” the planet from “invaders.”


Despite the earliest hopes of XAS leadership, we have not been able to easily answer the persistent mystery of the Eldan, even with the Caretaker’s assistance. At least not yet.
The AI’s memory backups appear to be scattered across the planet, and so far we have not met a Caretaker with anything close to all the answers. Local backups appear more reliable, meaning most Caretaker avatars still seem to possess knowledge of their immediate environment hardwired into their programming – even when all other personality traits fail. This is, no doubt, how he was able to conceive and plan his “clone army.”

If he’s this strong in an essentially broken state, the Caretaker must once have been an incredible powerful AI. We have no evidence that either he or his hypothetical army – an army that will now never be complete – were responsible for the Eldan’s disappearance. However, one cannot fail to wonder whether the Caretaker’s system degradation and erratic behavior came before or after the Eldan vanished.




-Exo-Site N22 has been placed under FCON guard to protect the cloning facilities from being abused by the wrong people. Fortunately, we of the XAS are the right people.
Eldan cloning technology may even prove to be the key to resuscitating Serrick Brightland.

Quick Facts

Faction: Exile

Type: Journal