Scouting Report J-472

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Inside what appears an abandoned post, southeast of Dominion camp – Perilous Annex.




Scouting Report J-472


[A terror-fraught report describing the desperate last moments of a Dominion scouting party.]

– Forward Recon Camp: Cankertube Swamp: Lt. Adioni Tremio –

I don’t know how much longer I have. I hear Kaltaxa and Avatron out in the swamp calling for me. I think they’ll be coming soon and I won’t be able to stop them.

There were three of us when we arrived. Three of us. We made it through Wilderrun’s jungle, icy Whitevale, Deradune’s burning sands. All of it. With barely a scratch.
We were the best of the best. Legion Expeditionary Recon.

Damn this planet. Damn the Strain. Damn it all.

Kaltaxa went first, right after we made camp here. The Warbringer wanted eyes on the ground past Grimvault, so in we went. We’d never seen anything like this… I guess ‘swamp?’ Kal wanted to see what was inside the big blob. Crazy Draken just dove right in. Swam around like it was a day at the beach. Then she clutched her head, started thrashing about like she stuck a claw in a plasma
conduit. I was about to jump in after, but Avatron held me back.

A couple of days later Kal came back, but she… it wasn’t Kal. I’ve seen lots of things on this nightmare planet – squirg possession, augmented freaks, Strain corruption – but nothing compared to this. There was something behind her eyes, something alien and… evil. Avatron and me, we probably could have subdued her, but then the hookfeet came out. And the Corruptors swooped down. And together they swarmed the Mechari.
Avatron fought like a devil as they dragged him off.

I ran. I hid. Maybe that makes me a coward, but what else could I have done? I tried to hike out, but those damn tubes have blocked the way. I’m caught like a slank in a trap.

Now they’ve both come back. They’re here…

[The report abruptly ends.]

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Type: Journal