Scientifically Accurate Amazing Stories of Science! Vol. 3

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On a small box, on a platform with sandbags, Exile Camp – Uncanny Advance.




Scientifically Accurate Amazing Stories of Science! Vol. 3


[Another volume of the popular educational series for Exiles, which features fictionalized mini-epics of scientific research and theoretical derring-do. The previous user appears to have been interrupted in mid-read, but you manage to decrypt a page’s worth of science adventure.]


Taking a bite of his spirovine sandwich, for science rarely allows time for a sit-down lunch, Jimnax nearly choked when he saw the data. The test group showed a 3% increase in acidity when
compared to the control group. Perhaps it wasn’t statistically significant but he was sure he was on the right track.

Charting the results, the ambitious Aurin vowed he’d show the Academy he could run a double-blind trial or his name wasn’t Jimnax Moonstriker!

Just then an alarm went off in the back of the lab. The test group was heating up! “Pinch my tail! That’s not supposed to happen.” Jimnax said out loud.

He rushed back to the tray of tissue samples
in their individual petri dishes. Not only were the samples heating up, but any cellular damage they had was healing at an incredible rate! Jimnax was baffled. He knew exposure to omni-plasm alone wouldn’t have this effect. Then he noticed something in the sample dishes. It looked like bits of spirovine from his sandwich had contaminated the test samples.

“By the Weave! That’s it! The omni-plasm catalyzed the spirovine’s primal life!” Jimnax shouted while jumping up and down in victory!

And thus the Medishot was born, boon to all who dare make Nexus their home. Jimnax was soon transferred to field research. His lax lab habits showed that double-blind studies really weren’t his thing.

Quick Facts

Faction: Exile

Type: Journal