Professor Digstone’s Journal

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On ground, inside of Northeastern part of Exo-Lab 83. In order to enter Exo-Lab 83 you need to walk over giant, green teleport platform near the position marked on map. Be sure to have quest “The Eldan Augmentor”, part- Enter Exo-Lab 83 by using the Eldan Teleporter Pad at the XAS Excavation Site, as you won’t be able to get teleported otherwise.


Find and enter Exo-Lab 83.




Professor Digstone’s Journal


It’s amazing down here in the Exo-Lab! Nothing works, but you can look at the machines and imagine what it must’ve been like for the Eldan all those years ago.

* * *

I’ve managed to get the power back online. There are several Eldan constructs here, all of them damaged. There is one in particular that I may be able to reactivate. I’ll have to try.

* * *

I can’t understand it all, but according to the data in the damaged bot’s memory core, it’s an Eldan Augmentor. The possibilities are
boundless! When Sue finds out about this… but no! I must keep it a surprise, at least until it’s functional.


Sue is so curious about what I’m doing in here. Her interests have always been with the Eldan augmentation process, and I can hardly blame her. Improving a creature with these methods could have valuable applications, both commercially and militarily.

My work restoring the bot is almost done.

* * *

The bot is active! I’m going to send it out into the field tonight to test
its functionality. I’ll have it augment some of the local fauna, then bring back a test subject… maybe a canimid.

* * *

The augmetics are amazing! The canimid test subject has been completely augmented by the bot with no adverse side effects or implant rejection.

Though it seems dangerous, the next phase of my experiment will be a bit more personal. I’m going to augment myself. I won’t do anything drastic, just minor augmentations at first. Sue’s in the field gathering data.
She’ll be so surprised when she gets back!


It would have been foolish to stop with just one augmentation. Now I can see more clearly and move more quickly. I am stronger of limb and faster of mind. How could I have been such a fool? I should have taken this route long ago. There is so much to do if I’m going to make up for lost time.

I will send the Augmentor to begin the personnel integration tonight. When Sue returns, I’ll give her this gift, as well. She will no longer need to study
augmentation. She will understand it too intimately for such banalities.

Quick Facts

Faction: Exile

Type: Journal