Operation Stinger Status Report

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This Journal is on ground. There are Dazeroot Hiveguard mobs near him, one cage with lazer beam bars, crashed “capsule” …




Operation Stinger Status Report


Status Report OS32975X32
ATTN: The Zax
DRED Operative Zungo Gopp Reporting

Status report to Director Zax: Status is dire! The Zax was smart, very smart, to contact Zungo after Zungo’s brother Tizgo killed by bees in Everstar Grove. Gopp brothers know bees! But Zungo never seen bees like these buzzbings!

Knew they were huge. Planned for that. Brought lots of guards. Lots of weapons. Best science available.
And buzzbing weaponization formula worked perfectly during trials.

Who knew buzzbings mutate at such a stupidly fast rate?

Formula worked all right. Bonerazer test subjects reacted as expected, with the dying and the hurting and the sometimes exploding. Then formula started to change buzzbings. Instead of just stinging enemies, started emitting venom in gaseous form. Team wasn’t ready. No antitoxin equipment.
Formula was supposed to make buzzbings fight Exiles? Buzzbings fighting everyone and poisoning everything!

Zungo has to admit this is pretty cozmotronic. But Zungo also has to admit Zungo got stung right through the chest. Really hurts. But also kind of blissful.

Note to the Zax: Weaponizing dazeroot buzzbing might be stupid. Turn venom into low-grade narcotic instead. Market to Exiles. Win-win!

Okay, Zungo dying now. For science!

Quick Facts

Faction: Exile

Type: Journal