Ode to Lucy by Hermit Bilvus

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On a small crate, right behind Hermit Bilvus, NPC quest giver, near a tent, pile of hay, south from a large wall, Camp Reclamation.




Ode to Lucy by Hermit Bilvus


[A staggeringly romantic work of ostensibly poetic quality describing Hermit Bilvus’s love for the enigmatic Lucy.]

“L” is for the way you make me Love you,
“U” is for your Understanding ways,
“C” is just because you do Complete me,
“Y” of course is one and only You.

O Lucy, you’ve stolen my heart,
My sweet equivar, don’t you ever go far,
And never let us part.
O Lucy, I will always be true,
If you whinny you love me, then love me,
And I will love you.

“L” is just how Lucky you’ve
made me,
“U” keeps me Under your spell,
“C” is the Crazy you make me, my darling,
“Y” is the way that you make me Yell.

O Lucy, this love cannot be!
Wild equivar hearts will always depart,
To run wild and free.
And Lucy, do you know what I mean?
Man and equivar can’t go very far,
Just riding on dreams.

Quick Facts

Faction: Dominion

Type: Journal