Moris Dustland’s Journal


Inside northwestern part of Ethereal Hollow.


Find and enter Ethereal Hollow.


Proceed to northwestern part of the cave.


Make your way to the second floor.


Just behind creature Moris Dustland…


… is the Journal.


Southern Grimvault

Southern Grimvault

Moris Dustland’s Journal


Entry #971MD-033
Auto-Record Mode Activated

What were we thinking? Like I don’t know. I know exactly what – who – I was thinking about. “Let’s take a joyride,” she said. “What could happen?” Oh, I don’t know, friends, how about getting lost in a labyrinth of Strain-infested tunnels with no hope of rescue or even any hope of being found if you actually stave off infection and disease.
I don’t even know where my sister ended up, and we’ve always had sort of a link. Like, I know how she’s feeling, she knows how I’m feeling… but it’s like she’s not even there. What’s happening in this place, anyway?

And why in hell did I ride a cryo pod all the way down here like some kind of idiot Granok merc? Stupid, Moris. So. Stupid.

Entry #971MD-035
Last recording didn’t work. This equipment – something’s gotten into it.
Can machines get sick? I think my datachron is broken. It can’t tell me where I am, and I’m definitely lost. I can’t find the others, either. “Oh, just scan for our transponders, Moris,” they said. Well what happens when your datachron breaks, geniuses?

Entry #971MD-038
Shouldn’t have tried to crack the da – ron open, I think s – ata may – been lost. Not feeling so good myself. Only been half-hour since la – since la – since landing. Itching. Skin hurts.
W – cryo pod sealed cor – ec – ly? Can’t say. Need help. I wa – go home.

Quick Facts

Faction: Exile

Type: Journal