Mog-Mog’s Folly

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The creation of Mog-Mog’s new mask was a drain on his power, and this is the folly that ultimately destroyed him. His tribe, hating his appetites yet frightened of earning his wrath, saw their chance to destroy their immortal master. His mask was hidden, his head was shrunken, and his people were free of him.

It is this mask – the Mask of Mog-Mog – that I have been seeking! I am certain it still contains his power. It waits for a new master to possess it… and who better than I, Laveka, to be that

My searching has brought me here, to this volcanic island, along with my allies.

Yes… even I need allies on occasion, though such pacts are temporary at best. The Redmoon Pirates, who now claim the Skullcano as their lair, have suffered me among their number in exchange for a whit of my power.

The Marauder captain – Mordechai Redmoon – believes that he controls me… what a laughable thought! He is a greedy fool whose only interest lies in physical wealth. The Mask of Mog-Mog,
which has come into his possession, stolen from the Grim-Grim Moodies, is one of many trinkets he hoards in the sultry depths of this volcanic nest…

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