Megatech Manifesto

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Lying on a table, on a platform behind Megatech Warbot.


Crimson Isle

Crimson Isle

Megatech Manifesto


We, the Exiles of the Megatech Division, do solemnly swear to find and exploit Eldan technology wherever and whenever we find it.
We swear to do this work to the best of our ability.
We swear our work will be used against the oppressors of the Dominion.
We swear this technology will not be used against our fellow Exiles, even if they do not approve of our deeds.
We swear we will die before allowing Eldan technology into Dominion hands.

[What follows is a list of unfamiliar signed names – apparently the members of the Megatech Division. They do not appear to be a large group, meaning their efforts may be localized to the Crimson Isle area for now.]

Quick Facts

Faction: Dominion

Type: Journal