Medical Log, Doctor B. Cordwain

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Quartermaster Lipton reported to me this morning. While tallying cargo from Port Vespa, he dropped a container of spherical objects. Several of the objects burst, and Lipton inhaled whatever they contained. Ran usual toxin screen – no results. Assigned Lipton to bed rest until his nausea subsides.


Lipton’s back and he’s sicker than ever. Nausea is worse, and he can’t stop vomiting, even when there shouldn’t be anything left for his system to purge. I don’t know where it’s
coming from. I feel bad for the guy. Will prescribe anti-nausea meds and prep him for a blood cleansing.


Bardlet was just in here, raving about people being sick. He seems distraught, so I’ll leave him here to calm down while I go check on Lipton’s status.

(The medical log ends suddenly.)

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