Lopp Combat Techniques

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Inside of a box. This box is on a small wooden platform. South from this platform many lopps train hard to succeed perfection.




Lopp Combat Techniques


[This instructive book by the famed Lopp bounty hunter Marshal Yubbi outlines the basics of Lopp combat. It is not a lengthy book.]

Spear is chosen weapon of Lopp, especially. Most Lopp make own spear or inherit spear from family. Spear really useful! Spear make holes in things with the stabbing. Also useful to see how deep water is before walking kurg across it. And for stabbing!

Kurg! Every Lopp love kurg. Lot of kurg
to love! But kurg also useful weapon. Why? Big! Way bigger than Lopp! Kurg-stomp work just as good as spear-hole, if not hunting! If are hunting, kurg-stomp good for tenderizing meat!

Big-folk make lots of crazy weapons! But Nexus big scary place. Makes sense! Lopp love spears, but Lopp have to learn guns too. Just remember: point the glowy end away from face!

Lopp’s best friends are
hippity-hoppity feet! Stay out of way, and be Lopp brave. Then lure baddies into scariness! Lots of big scaries on Nexus. Also, could just run away. Running always good for Lopp! Good exercise too.

I know! Controversial. But Lopp have good teeth for the chompy-chomp! Get bitey. Go crazy! Nobody expects Lopp bites! Just make sure not to bite somebody trying to bite you already. That gets complicated.

Really! Best
weapon! Been a while since we talked about it. Don’t forget! Also good for hanging laundry, or for measuring how far Lopp can jump. And the stabbing! Always the stabbing.

Quick Facts

Faction: Exile

Type: Journal