Kooking with Kaarg the Divine

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Beside cooking pot, in southern part of Blackheart Hollow where you can find quest objective mob Kaarg the Divine. Entrance to Blackhear Hollow is North from journal map marked location. There is a Blackheart Hollow TALES: Rise of the Vindicator zone lore collectible at the start of this cave. Its location is marked on map.




Kooking with Kaarg the Divine


[Datachron translated from the original Skeech]
Skeech kook! Kook with Kaarg SKEECH the Divine!

-SKEECH find horn man beast from sky! Skeech KILL horn man beast from sky!
-Skeech SMASH body! Take sharp rocks! SKEECH! Cut horn man beast from sky! Break into pieces!
-SKEECH SKEECH! Make sure pieces sticky from blood! Skeech! Roll pieces in dirt! Hair! Grass! Skeech!
Skeech! Throw in stewpot! Skeech!
Wait three Skeech!
Drink broth! Serve dumplings! Skeech!
Kaarg always Skeech: No
hair? No problem! Skeech your own! It’s fun

-Kill little fur man beast from sky! SMASH body! SKEECH!
-Chop little fur man beast into chunks!
-SKEECH! Throw chunks on fire! Skeech!
-Eat little fur man from sky! Skeech! Kaarg always Skeech: Fur Skeeches flavor!

-Skeech! Kill man from sky!
-Skeech man from sky into pieces! Skeech man from sky’s leg off!
-Skeech eat leg!
Kaarg always Skeech: For Skeech flavor, Skeech leg onto fire!

[Several more recipes
appear toward the end, but are rendered illegible by what might be gravy. There do not appear to be any recipes for cooking Mechari, Granok, or Mordesh.]

Quick Facts

Faction: Dominion

Type: Journal