Junction Zeta Status Report

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On a table, inside of a Junction Zeta Bunker. Entrance to the Junction Zeta Bunker is east from nearby, large platform with cannon on. Table with Journal on is on the second level of this underground cave. When you enter the cave, follow the wooden path on your left side. This path leads to the second level of Junction Zeta Bunker. Quest that leads you to this part of cave is “Going Out with a Blast”, part- Access the ICI Telemetry Display.


Find and enter Junction Zeta Bunker.


Climb to the second level.




Junction Zeta Status Report



Axis Vonotron reporting.

Progress toward achieving the ICI’s objectives proceed ahead of schedule. The Eldan facilities at this exo-site have been relatively simple to bring back up to operational status.
-The cloning devices have been brought to full functionality and have been successfully tested.
-After temporarily disguising ICI assets as Eldan to prevent dangerous interactions, we were
able to gain control of all constructs on-site.
-These constructs include the augmentors that will be crucial to the final stage of the plan. Augmenting mindless clones and using them against our enemies should be both cruel and effective. Fitting justice for the Exiles.

-The various Eldan constructs, including augmentors, are securely under ICI control. The Eldan data network that controls the constructs, however, is not and cannot be made completely secure.
Yes, as expected, this exo-site also shows signs of being part of a wider, possibly planetwide web of Eldan tech.
-This Caretaker may be a useful subject of further research. He claims at times to be simultaneously aware of other points on this planet, and my records indicate he has correctly described weather conditions and other random events happening simultaneously elsewhere on Nexus.

Quick Facts

Faction: Exile

Type: Journal