Junction Zeta Prisoner Procedures

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Junction Zeta Prisoner Procedures


BY ORDER OF AXIS PHEYDRA of the Imperial Corps of Intelligence, all ICI assets within the Celestion region are hereby commanded to assist any and all efforts to retain Exile prisoners for forced labor purposes at Junction Zeta.

THIS IS NOT A NO-KILL ORDER. The ICI recognizes that not all Exiles or non-Exile insurgents can be taken alive. Though all reasonable attempts to take prisoners should be made, ICI assets are expected
to protect themselves and other ICI assets with lethal force, if necessary.

OPERATIONAL OBJECTIVES include control of all [REDACTED] in the region via the use of expendable forced labor and [REDACTED] technology. The location of Junction Zeta has been chosen specifically for its close proximity to both [REDACTED] and [REDACTED].

METHODOLOGY includes placing false messages at certain sites, including possibly this
one. Any Exiles able to decrypt this information should not, in their vulgar vernacular, “get too cocky.”

Any further questions regarding these objectives and methods are not recommended, but may be made in person to the nearest available ICI Axis.

Quick Facts

Faction: Exile

Type: Journal

3 thoughts on “Junction Zeta Prisoner Procedures

  1. LonoXIII

    I’ve looked and looked, and cannot find this in that area at all. All that’s there is the Datacube. No journal anywhere!

  2. Sam

    According to a staff member on the forums, Junction Zeta Prisoner Procedures was merged into Junction Zeta Status Report and no longer exists. A recent update officially removed it from the game.

    The missing number on the map and in the Lore panel is supposed to be A New Arboria?, which is supposed to be a Celestion journal but is still incorrectly labeled as Galeras. This will be fixed later.

    https://forums.wildstar-online.com/forums/index.php?/topic/117873-mystery-of-the-genesis-prime-feedback/page-4#entry1228417 Staff post.

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