ICI Dossier: The Focus of Air

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On a tiny, red crate, next to a radar- satellite scrambler, sandbags, red/blue totem, Temple of Osiric.




ICI Dossier: The Focus of Air


TARGET: The Focus of Air

Strategic Dossier prepared by Axis Pheydra for distribution to ICI assets.

Dominion scientists of the Collegium and independent research concerns confirm that the planet Nexus is home to at least six highly concentrated sites of raw primal energy. These “Focus” sites appear to be keyed to specific types of primal power and are all in various states of decay or disrepair. It is unknown what purpose these sites served for the ancient Eldan who must
have built them – or who at least discovered them.

All available data clearly indicates that the Focus of Air in the Galeras region is the most exposed and intact Focus on Nexus. Analysis shows this is due to the extreme territoriality of both the Falkrin and Pell groups that occupy the region around the Focus. To varying extents, they worship either the Eldan or their own primeval gods.

The Dominion’s purpose with this Focus of Air should be quite obvious. This much raw power cannot be allowed
to fall into any hands but the emperor’s. The power of the Focus of Air will fuel the imperial war machine that will, in turn, drive the hated Exiles from the surface of this holy world. These sub-sentient barbarians will be brought to heel before their betters… or they will be eliminated.

The Exiles have, unfortunately, seized a key strategic point by taking the ruins of Thayd, an ancient city unlike any Eldan site heretofore seen. The place’s walls are shockingly strong. But Thayd is also on
the far side of here from the Focus, and neither the Falkrin nor the Pell seem any friendlier to the Exiles than they are to us. Tempest Refuge shall prove no refuge at all once we have the power of the Focus.

Quick Facts

Faction: Exile

Type: Journal