Hunting the Ravager


I have tracked the beast to its lair, at great personal cost. My sisters believe me to be obsessed, and I cannot say they are wrong. I am obsessed, but with good reason. This monstrous creature, this Ravager, is unrelenting. And so must I be to hunt it down and end its depredations once and for all.

I did not start this hunt alone. Two of my sisters were at my side, as were our stalking beasts. Our pets were bold, but not stupid.
They soon began to resist us, sensing what we could not: this Ravager was no ordinary monster. Perhaps we should have heeded their unspoken demands, and turned back. If we had, my sisters and our pets would still be with me. But the infection set in soon after they started acting up, and indeed even then it was probably too late. If I hadn’t severed my own arm above the elbow, I would have been lost too.

I gave them a merciful death.
But they deserved better than to die in such agony. And so I swear I will not stand down. Though I have but one sword-arm, I will use it to strike the Ravager of Moldwood down, and soon.

It must be soon. For even now, I hear the beast calling to me through the remnants of infection in my blood. And its voice grows clearer.

Yes, today I kill two monsters. First, the Ravager. And then I will fall on my own blade. Goddess save me, it is the only way. I am sorry, Blademother. I am sorry.

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Type: Journal