Hivestrike Initiative Manifesto

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In an awesome looking bookshelf, close to Matria Segrey quest mob, lower level of a large room in western Hivestrike Grove.




Hivestrike Initiative Manifesto


[This document appears to detail part of the Hivestrike Initiative’s plans to destroy Protostar operations and Dominion facilities that produce honey from buzzbings before invading northeastern Auroria in the ensuing carnage.]

Hivestrikers, we approach a significant milestone today. Our homes are far away, but we have a new home now, a new world filled with vibrant life of all kinds. It is not Arboria, but what world ever could be? And so as we fought for our old homeworld, we will fight for this new on

Our first target must be the buzzbing facilities in Auroria. Auroria keeps a lot of Dommies fed, but the buzzbing hives are the tasty jewel that makes this place not just a breadbasket, but a profit center. Protostar’s making money. So is the Dommie war machine. And meanwhile, the buzzbings are unwitting pawns in the whole scheme, gigantic pawns that aren’t too bright, can fly, and have stingers that can impale an Aurin, by the way, so keep your wits about you. But they’re just doing what buzzbing
s do. Protostar and the Dommies, though? They need to get stung. And we’re the stingers.

Taking out those honey facilities – or better yet, breaking them just enough to let the buzzbings go wild – is the best way to do it. There aren’t that many of us in the Hivestrike Initiative, so we need to take advantage of what allies we can find. In this case, our allies are giant, deadly bees. But our matria promises that they will not harm us if we do not harm them. She says she has communed with the buzzbing
queen, and –

[The rest of the text is obscured by sticky globs of buzzbing honey. It’s going to be impossible to wash off.]

Quick Facts

Faction: Dominion

Type: Journal