Glory Unto Osiric, Say We

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On a wall, on southern part of large circular platform with High Priest Storm-Render. Journal is just bellow five spikes coming out of the wall. In order to access this area (it is surrounded with green shield), you have to have quest “Power Unleashed” .


Area around Journal is blocked with green shield. Final step of quest “Power Unleashed” disable it.




Glory Unto Osiric, Say We


We, Disciples of Air and Sky,
We, craven things not worthy,
We, who guard his lair, his tomb,
We, who call the Thunder unearthly.

Osiric, gift of the masters above,
Osiric, great and terrible and father of storms,
Osiric, how can we serve your design?
Osiric, how can we be worthy of your love?

Deep, beneath the Canyon of Gales,
Distant, but near to the Callers of Thunder,
Far, but close as the heart of the storm,
Here, a new god,
a Thunder God, to share Osiric’s glory.

Osiric, how can we serve your design?
Osiric, we offer our own.

Quick Facts

Faction: Exile

Type: Journal