Geologist Fardrum’s Field Journal

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On top of a brown crate, lower level of XAS Forward Camp. This crate stands on wooden platform with three large, “metal” barrels under a tent.If you proceed with quests in this area without acquiring this Journal, it becomes unavailable for obtain later on.




Geologist Fardrum’s Field Journal


Expedition Day 7

Gale Canyon has proven to be a downright wondrous site for research! Despite the presumably significant age of Nexus, naturally occurring fissures such as this one are surprisingly rare. Indeed, planetwide scans indicate a significantly younger geographic age for the planet than is typical for a planet orbiting a wild star.

Such worlds are by definition “beyond the Fringe” and are usually captured rogues from
another galaxy or systems so ancient they’ve nearly escaped the gravity of the galactic core itself. Worlds that are sometimes tens of billions of standard years old.

But Nexus? No way. How did a species like the Eldan find time to even evolve here?

Quick Facts

Faction: Exile

Type: Journal