Explorer’s Log


[An abandoned journal describing a Granok explorer’s discovery of Kel Voreth. Her camp appears to have been abruptly abandoned some time ago.]

Recording start. Start, damn it! You started? Good. Lousy, cheap, no-good piece of machinery. But it beats tryin’ to type. Wish I’d had enough for the holocam model, but ya get what ya can afford to pay for.

So this is Jexine of the Explorers Union, recording – ya still – yeah, okay – recording the find of – well, of a lifetime. I have never seen
anything like this. No one has. Well, okay, Thayd. Everyone knows about Thayd. Osun city us Exiles found and set up as a capitol. Needs better taverns if ya ask me, but ya didn’t, because you’re a recorder and I’m wastin’ power. Where was – yeah, Jexine. That’s me. Now ya can’t see me, so I’ll just point out I’m about two-and-a-half meters’ worth’a Granok woman that ya don’t wanna mess with, which is one’a the things that’s made me such an effective explorer, ya ask me. Like
there was that time I was tryin’ to scale a strange-lookin’ mountain when I first got here and climbed to the top, only to realize I was standin’ on top of a giant robot head! Eh, planted a flag anyway. Ya never know.

Where was I again? Osun! You guys will literally not believe this. And I mean that. I bet you really won’t. But I’m here to tell ya there is a full-on fully functionin’ and thrivin’ and smolderin’ and smokin’ Osun fortress filled with those giants lumberin’ bastards. It’s called
Kel Voreth, near as I can tell from the writin’, which is way too much like ol’ Cassian for my taste.

Kel Voreth’s out Auroria way, but it’s a bit early to send in a peace envoy to see if we can get ’em to turn against the Dommies. Ya ask me, and I know ya didn’t, they hate all of us. Hell, they told me as much when I met ’em. But then one’a their females brought out a round’a some pretty foul-tastin’ hooch that did a number on me all the same. In fact, gettin’ a little… groggy.

this might be my last entry. Last entry for the night. Why’d I say… I dunno. Maybe I’ll feel like doin’ my own thing, soon, but right now all I want to do is… stand… here. I must wait… for her. She will command… she will provide… will… free will… it is lies.

If you hear this. Read… this. Go. I am Jex… Jex… I am… I am. I do not. I. Am not.

Go. No. Further.


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Type: Journal