Explorer Juliet’s Geocache No. JN001

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Found on higher ground, northwest of Mercenary Terek. You have to to jump over wooden platforms in order to reach it. Once you have read the Explorer Juliet’s Geocache No. JN001 you get achievement “Juliet’s Lost Items”. You need to read it twice in order to add this Journal into Zone Lore.

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Explorer Juliet’s Geocache No. JN001


If y’all are reading this, well hot damn and congratulations! You done made it all the way up one o’ the most treacherous paths it’s ever been my distinct and harrowing pleasure to follow. Now I know what you’re thinking. This is just a box and a bottle with a note in it. What’s the big deal? Simple. I just want to get other Exiles like me to keep exploring this world and everything in it!

See, I’ve had me a few months to survey this place, and I’ve
been looking for the biggest challenges, the toughest routes, and the hardest roads on this planet. And I reckon I done found a lot of them. If someone finds this here message in a bottle, I reckon it might be worth it to plant a few more!

Until then,
– Explorer Juliet

Quick Facts

Faction: Exile

Type: Journal