Explorer Jogo’s Log

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On ground, near couple of sacks, close to stairs that lead to Kel Voreth dungeon entrance, Court of the Battlesworn.




Explorer Jogo’s Log


Kel Voreth Expedition Day 001
Other explorers said Explorer Jogo doomed! DOOMED! But other explorers stupid stupid. Jogo not stupid. Jogo smart! Of course Osun are big. Crazy big! But also slow. Big and slow versus smart and small? Ha! Chua win every time! Just need to make sure Jogo has full water packs, water weapons, and primal water shield! Borrowed shield from the Zax. He said it needed testing. Jogo volunteered! Now no need to worry about fire at all!

Kel Voreth Expedition Day 002
worried about fire. Very very worried. How this happen? Jogo’s plan foolproof! Water guns, water packs, even special DRED shielding. But water pack not made of water. Water pack catch fire! Then stupid fire elementals show up. No one said anything about fire elementals! Jogo ready for Osun, but not fire elementals! Only so much water to go around! Jogo have to find hidey place. Take stock. Figure out next plan. Safe place, dark, no fire. Only little water left!

Kel Voreth Expedition Day 003
Why Jogo
ever come here? Stupid Jogo! Should not have listened to the Zax. Go to Kel Voreth, the Zax said. Test the primal water shield, he said. It’ll be fun, he said. What a bunch of vind gas! Report for you, Zax: your shield stinks! Also, fire elementals very big! Bigger than they look in the holo-stills. How Jogo supposed to know?

Kel Voreth Expedition Day 004
This getting impossible. Jogo not a rock. Jogo need water! Jogo need food. So hungry hungry. But stupid fire elementals everywhere! What to do what
to do? Only one thing to do. Jogo gotta Chua up! Stand not-very-tall and very proud! Only thing to fear is fire itself! And when Jogo back in Illium, Jogo looking up the Zax and feeding him this stupid primal water shield! Wants a test, does he? How about a test of how stupid shield generator feels when it hit you in head, Zax? HUH?

Okay Jogo. Time is now. Destiny lies ahead. Here goes nothing!

[The scorched state of the log would appear to indicate Jogo was, in fact, unsuccessful – though to be
fair, there do not appear to be any scorched Chua remains nearby. Explorer Jogo may yet survive, though this seems unlikely.]

Quick Facts

Faction: Dominion

Type: Journal