Explorer Bozlo’s Journal

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Found inside Tumbling Caves, northeast of Mondo’s Beachhead, northwest of Megatech Shield Generator.


Entrance leading into a cave with the journal.


Crimson Isle

Crimson Isle

Explorer Bozlo’s Journal


Explorer Bozlo’s Journal
Crimson Isle Expedition, Day 4

Why Bozlo come to this stupid place? Technology of course! But no tech worth this. The Zax can find his own tech. Bozlo just wants to take a nap.

Bozlo not afraid! Bozlo explore everywhere! Very brave Chua. Everyone knows this. But without logistical support, Bozlo can’t explore! Stupid DRED. Wouldn’t give Bozlo any of the experimental weapons Bozlo asked for.
The Zax says, “Stupid Bozlo doesn’t need weapons. The Zax needs weapons for the Zax’s team.” Should have told the Zax his stupid team needed good reconnaissance more than weapons.

Now Bozlo going to die from stupid scrab stings. Could have warned the Zax about scrab, but no. Had to drop in totally defenseless.

Bet that make the Zax feel stupid when he finds this. Scrab are going to eat up DRED agents for breakfast. Didn’t even get to see what Exiles up to. Didn’t get
close enough before stupid scrab jump out and poke poke poke with stingers! Now dying in a cave like an idiot.

Hope stupid scrab choke on Bozlo. Jerks. And hope the Zax gives good weapons to next explorer.

Quick Facts

Faction: Dominion

Type: Journal