Exile Quartermaster’s Log


On a small box, next to wrecked space ship, Alpha Company Crash area.


Southern Grimvault

Southern Grimvault

Exile Quartermaster’s Log


[This pessimistic look at the supply situation for the FCON troops in Grimvault is not promising. That could explain why the quartermaster who wrote the message is gone… or KIA.]

STATUS LOG – Grimvault Expedition Operation Prime Time Day 01
Quartermaster Griplock recording

What started as a bad supply situation is only getting worse. Ammunition stores are at less than 20%, with the parts we need to keep the weapons we do have in working order are barely at 10%. Command ain’t gonna like it, but they gotta get us more materiel if we’re gonna make a run at this Phagelab they been talkin’ about.
Hell, we’re gonna need more materiel if we’re gonna last the week. Maybe the day. I got all kinds’a faith in Commander Durek, but even he can’t win a war just throwin’ rocks at the Dommies.

Can he?

Quick Facts

Faction: Exile

Type: Journal