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– The mysterious apparition that has been sighted across Nexus appears to be an Eldan-created being known as Drusera.

– According to Drusera, the Eldan’s sole purpose on planet Nexus was to create the “Genesis Prime,” a “perfect being” of some kind – although at this point it is unclear exactly what purpose such a being
was supposed to serve.

– Drusera is the Genesis Prime.


The observations within the exo-lab represent a landmark event in the ongoing investigation into what exactly happened to the Eldan. Not only do we now have a clear idea about the true nature of the Nexus Project, it appears that we also have access to an individual who was created by the Eldan themselves, and may have been present at the time of their disappearance.

At this
point we cannot fully ascertain whether or not Drusera is a reliable source of information, but datacubes found throughout Exo-Lab Prime seem to corroborate the important points of her story. It also appears that the Eldan had some difficulty in developing the technology that was necessary to create the Genesis Prime, but that at some point designs for a “Protoplasmic Resonator” were mysteriously delivered by the leader of the Nexus Project. The source of this advanced technology is yet unknown.

Details about the full capabilities of the Genesis Prime are still undefined, although a datacube entry by the virtual construct known as the Caretaker seems to indicate that its powers are virtually limitless. If Drusera is indeed the Genesis Prime, then her ethereal figure would appear to be little more than a means of communication, with limited power to affect the real world. If this is the case, then where, exactly, is the real Genesis Prime located?

We believe that Drusera now represents our most important link to discovering what happened to the Eldan, and whether or not it represents a danger to the Dominion citizens on planet Nexus. We anxiously await her next communication.




– Rampant conjecture about the “mysterious apparition” has serendipitously distracted Exile scientists from our ongoing efforts to contaminate their water supply with psychotropic substances. DRED is already moving forward with finalizing this operation.

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Faction: Dominion

Type: Journal

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    1. Serge Post author

      This should be part of the main story quests. When you go to do those quests that entity known as Drusera starts by opening a portal in the main city you should find the datacube quite easily (they are usually part of the main quest anyways).

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