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– The Eldan installation designated Bio-Mech Facility 498 appears to be the largest structure dedicated almost entirely to the process of augmentation. It should be considered extremely dangerous, and warning the general population of the danger is highly recommended.

– Calidor Antevian, the cleric brother of the “Vigilant Star” Toric Antevian and a self-proclaimed “seeker of truth,” entered Facility 498 and encountered a mutated variety of the
typical augmentation nanites.

– Inside a previously undiscovered recombination chamber, Calidor was infused with primal energy and microscopic nanites. Unlike most augmented beings, Antevian appears to have maintained control of his faculties. Indeed, he claims to have “Ascended,” and now seeks disciples to join his “Ascendancy.”


Augmentation is indeed one of the Eldan’s most versatile, widespread, and dangerous creations. Mutation was inevitable. This particular mutation, however,
poses an even greater threat. As tragic as ordinary augmentation is for the augmented, those infected are as good as dead anyway. Calidor’s “ascendant augmentation,” however, has driven him mad, yet left him in control of his faculties. Worse, a mere touch can transfer these mutant nanites to a new host, potentially adding to the Ascendancy’s numbers with little effort.

It would be the height of arrogance to presume Calidor Antevian’s loyalties still lie with the Dominion. Despite the strange situation
he has turned against the empire and should be considered a traitor. Care is advised in killing or capturing the renegade cleric. So far, anyone sent to take Calidor down has instead become part of his cult.

Some have already hypothesized that mutated augmentation may have been at least partly responsible for the disappearance of the Eldan. This seems unlikely for the same reason it seemed unlikely in the Deradune region – we would presumably have seen augmented Eldan among the other augmented creatures
(or “Ascendants”).

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– For all intents and purposes, Dominion citizens should consider themselves under quarantine while in the Ellevar region. Under no circumstances should citizens speak to, touch, or even contact representatives of the Ascendancy. Especially those to whom those citizens were once close.
This means taking great pains to prevent Commander Antevian from contacting his brother. This may prove difficult, as the Vigilant Star is not known for taking “no” for an answer, but with luck he will see the logic of this position.

Quick Facts

Faction: Dominion

Type: Journal